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Linking my PMI Account
How do I link my ProjectManagement account to my PMI account?
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Hi Steven and welcome to the community!

Connecting your account to your PMI account is easy. Log out, and when you log back in make sure you click the blue "PMI Login" button. Use your sign on credentials to log in. It will then help you connect your account.

Let me know if you have any questions or problems!
Yes Rebecca is right and I always do the same but I have some problems, I keep getting kicked out of system and have to login any ties in a row. interestingly if I am working on more than one windows, I may remain logged in one window for days while I keep getting logged off from one or more of the other windows. the site keeps reminding me that my account need to be renewed, referring to my old account I used to have on back in 2003. I sometimes get very confused as I am already addicted to
Well, being addicted to is good. Not being able to log in is not. Let me reach out to our customer care to get this figured out for you. We probably just need to merge some accounts.

I'll get back to you as soon as I have a respone.
I'm all set now. Thanks!
Hi Rebecca,

i have exactly the same "problems" and behaviors with my account like Suhail ... just to let you know ... ;)


Hi Rebecca,

I have the same problem... just couldn't link my ProjectManagement account to my PMI account. Tried what you recommended to Steven... yet it didn't work... could you help me sort this out please?

Hello Ozgur and welcome to the community!

Please email customer support at so that they can assist you with the merging of your accounts.
Hi Carrie... Thanks for the advise... have already contacted the customer support...

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