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Program Management Plan
How do you develop a Program Plan, i know it is not a consolidation of individual project plans.

Can someone help me out to understand more about it. How is it prepared , how is the input from individual projects considered and how is individual project plans handled in Program Plan.
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i would suggest to start here:

and use the search function in addition and you will find more ressources than you need, for sure.


I definitely like the suggestion of Markus.

Program Management Plan is just not the summation or integration of Project Management Plans. If that would have been the case, a large complex project with several sub-projects would likely equate t a program. Programs to not deal and concern with the deliverables directly. They leave all the planning how specific deliverables will be created to the projects to plan. Programs focus on the realization of benefits and the whole program management plan is about this very benefits realization.

Sure you will find templates but conceptually you need a very clear objective statement and business case, consider the overhead cost for the Program and how it impacts each project cost. Schedule synergies also to be develop with a totally integrated control. All other plans are guidances for each individual projects to develop their own.

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