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Should the need for executive reporting lead to a PMO?
I work for a small firm that has had a problem getting its projects reported on in a consistant manner. Should this need for better executive reporting lead to a PMO? What steps could be taken first?
The need for executive reporting can lead to a PMO...or more precisely, the way to demonstrate value in a relatively short time frame, which is ESSENTIAL to the early success and subsequent executive support (translated = funding) for the PMO. I just completed an assignment to deliver such a PMO, and would be happy to discuss more details. In answer to your specific question re: first steps, I would recommend that
1) KISS (Keep It Simple, St----)...what reports are currently being produced? what reports have information that is used by the executives to make decisions? I have usually found that the number of reports greatly exceeds the number of reports with info used to make decisions. Ask a few questions and keep the initial deliverables at a higher level. Develop in such a way that the reports can be quickly adjusted. No reports currently produced? No executives with time to tell you what their info requirements are? Same answer, just be sure to plan for report prototyping with some 'do overs'.

2) Celebrate your success visibly. Finally get that report with the format and content that meets requirements? Make sure people are aware of that. PR is important in the early stages of PMO development.

3) Have a game plan...understand that reporting may be the first crucial, 'hot' deliverable of your PMO, but that more may follow and be expected. Plan enough that you can transition to subsequent phases effectively AND efficiently.

One thing to mentioned that you are working in a small firm. Keep your PMO commensurate with the size in the initial stages (see also point 3).

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