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Project Management tools
I need every kind of information about the tools you know.
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take a look at

The program management group has just released Hydra3. From free web based timesheets to multi project collaboration, Hydra is an all encompasing program management solution.
I would suggest these tools as a starting

- MS Project
- Project Kickstart
- Primavera Project Planner
- SureTrak

The tools you chose will depend largely on
project size, complexity, and budget.

A tool is just that - a "tool" to help you get your real job done. Rather than have such an open query about tools, perhaps you could indicate what you are trying to accomplish, and then we can maybe help you understand some of the tools that might help you. I say "might" help, because tools are only useful if you keep in mind what you are trying to accomplish and then focus your work with the tool on supporting that.
When you reply with some information about your business process, please include: 1) do you have one centralized master schedule or do you use several scattered schedules and then combine them into the master? 2) Do you have need of one view, say to show the project team at a weekly meeting or many views, say to the project team at a weekly meeting, to the sponsor at a monthly meeting, and to the financial team at a biweekly meeting, etc.? and 3) How many people do you have to work on the master schedule and how often will you be updating it?


Bill Bigler
An additional tool vendor to look at: Rational Concepts.

Their scheduling application is the spotlight tool this week.

We couldn't be more pleased.

I always get a kick out of these types of postings. To me, it's like walking into Home Depot and asking the clerk for the best Hammer in the store. Considering there are probably 200+ types of hammers, ranging from a jack hammer to a tack hammer, the options are staggering!

For those of you who have actually been in a large-scale implementation of ANY tool, I would love to hear of your experiences. I've posted a survey on another treaded discussion on this board on the subject of critical success factors for PM tool implementations!

Good luck!

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