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Have you used Risk Identification, Risk Response Planning & Risk Ownership as Team-building & Motivation tools?

With a wealth of Project Knowledge & Information here, I''d like to ask how many of us have used the techniques above to both build the team and motivate them.
Have you used "gamification" techniques to make such meetings fun?
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I haven''t used it but that''s a great idea.

Hello Karthik,

this is a great topic and therefore i want to reactivate the threat.

Have you asked cause you want just to know or have you used this technincs in this manner like you mentioned and just want to know how others did and than compare?

However i would like to know all your thoughts here, since i am a fan of risk management but didn't use this for the mentioned purposes here yet.

@Markus: Thanks a million for your detailed response.
Like you, I too am a big and practitioner of the value of effective risk management to project success.
Experienced project managers do leverage the value for project effectiveness, but rarely as a motivational tool.
My recent global book, "Say YES to Project Success" on solutions to the top 20 global project failure factors had a chapter dedicated to how engagiRisk Identification sessions can be leveraged for team-building. When the whole team is involved, risk identification improves. More importantly, team members' confidence in the project drastically improves.
We had another chapter which showed how Risk Ownership could be leveraged as a tool to provide responsibility and visibility to team members who might feel they were involved in unimportant tasks.
I hope this answers your question.

@Bala Duvvuri: Thanks a million for your response!
My reply to Markus Kopko should give you an idea of the specific ways I jave leveraged Risk Identification, Risk Response Planning, and Risk Ownership as Team-Building and Motivational tools.
I hope you will continue to contribute for the benefit of our dynamic community of PMs on

Yes, we recently hosted a Risk Management workshop for a project team with the aim of teaching them basic risk management principles and techniques with using relevant examples.

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