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Is it necessary to have 1 file per PMI process or can you group them by knowledge areas?
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Francisco, by "file" do you mean template? Regardless of this, the project documents shall be stored and kept in a way that make it readily accessible for the PM but also for other project stakeholders (according to Project Communication plan). Sort them by knowledge areas or group them by processes, whichever suits the needs of the team and project better.
Hi Eduardo,

Thanks for your answer.

I''m trying to come up with best practices to have all project information in hand. So in that case is it better to have 10 folders (1 for each knowledge area) and group the templates accordingly?
That could be an option. At the end, what really matters is that information is easily accessible and logically folded away, specially when using a sharepoint software. So it may also be relevant to train team members on how to use and find information on the project folder, if needed (consider holding an ad-hoc meeting with project team members to set ground rules).
Great! Thank you!
Its good idea to have 10 diff templates for each knowledge area.
But it would also be much better if you can collect different situation much as possible. this will help you and team gain more knowledge on each PM knowledge area plus a better insight as well

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