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I am somewhat new to project management and am currently taking a college course on this subject. My college syllabus for this course requires me to read and write a summary on five articles with respect to any fundemetal step of project management. The summary must be 3 to 4 pages in length, and must articles I have located are not lengthy enough to generate this summary. Does anyone know of any articles which are long enough for me to complete this task.
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Try this link to find articles
and visit my BookMarks section for more
help @
You could try the papers from the Project Management Institute's Annual Seminars & Symposium. These can be bought online at For instance, the most recent one is entitled

"PMI's Connections 2000 Seminars & Symposium Proceedings"

I wrote one of these papers and it is available at my website, so you can check an example to see if the article is long enough. All the papers will be of similar length as mine. Find this at

Hope this helps,
For links to several articles on Critical Chain Scheduling, Buffer Management, and Multi-Project Management using these concepts, check out the Focused Performance website's project management section.

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