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MS Project 2000 - customized reports
Help! Does anyone have experience in creating customized reports in MS Project 2000? Specifically, I've modified a text field to represent the 'Phase' of the project. This field is in the 'task' table (not the resource table). I want to be able to show Resource work hours and cost BY 'phase'.


Easy way is to double click on the half which shows the details such as work, dates etc. This will provide a table called 'detail styles'. In the useage details tab, select the fields you require from there (cost / work). Click 'show' and OK and that should do the trick.

Why have you used a text field to represent a phase? - easily done in Project anyway by making indenting activities and tasks under a summary heading, and this would show up in your task table.

Hope thats a bit of help!


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