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Project ManagerTM?
I find it perturbing that Microsoft had to drop the word "engineer" from their certifications because the word "engineer" can only be given to people who have the ring.

Yet, I saw an engineering firm yesterday post a position opening for a "project manager". The education requirements of the position required a chemical engineering degree, preferably a master's. There was no mention whatsoever of any project management education or certification requirements, not even under desirable.

I remember a Dilbert cartoon where the restaurant waiter says: "Hi! My name is [...] I will be your project manager today."

Should PMI and other similar organizations enforce that the title of "project manager" be only used when the knowledge, skills and abilities requirements are predominantly centered around the project management discipline?
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In order to be PM, you must have certain degree or certification in project management ,in addition to a technical qualification or experience..this is my opinion.
I wouldn't say they should "force it." However, by showing the value of specific knowledge, skills and abilities of true project managers than it will be realized. I frankly see an increasing number of organizations looking at the project management role as a more professional-type role and therefore expecting certain skills and experiences for those in that role. Forcing never works - influencing, showing the value and helping them see how a true project manager can impact the company's bottom line in a positive manner will work.
Not a good idea to enforce it. Any one practicing can use this Title PM. Those are the days people built Rome, China wall, Taj Mahal and many more great wonders without a certified managers and with good planning. It is now only to prove and show the capability we are getting certified. The plan that are made nowadays are failing the very next day, so in recent days it's not so good quality and planning we receive. May be these certifications can be even made so stringent so that only the good practitioner can maintain these credits.
In some professions, like Doctor of Medicine, it is very strict to use the title Doctor. I wish the PMI organization (including all members) promote more about the PMP credential, so more people understand PMP = project managers and not anyone else. So instead of forcing it, it is easier to have a quality trademark!
It will not be possible for PMI to enforce or even trademarked. The trademark owner can be an individual, business organization, or any legal entity. It is a fact that many PMs are doing Project Management without holding PMP / CAPM. Furthermore, PMI is not the only org who is providing Project Management Certificate.

They can coordinate with other PM Orgs to bring an agreed characteristics of a PM.

Still, In near future, I don't see anything being done to standardize the use of "Project Management" world-wide.
Additionally, it is my understanding to holding a PE designation: Professional Engineer (PE), requires education consistent with project management, in addition to other engineering specific training. Now that said, your comment didn't mention a PE, rather engineering degree, which may or may not contain project management training.
Thank you for everyone's responses. The overall answer appears to be that no one is overly concerned with Project Manager used for jobs where the industry or domain is more important than the discipline.

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