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Need tips and pointers on how to become a good PM (Apps - SDLC) profile?

Hi Fellow PM Aficionados

I'm looking to explore into full-time Project Manager role soon and in the area of an Enterprise/Application PM profile which deals with SDLC and OSS models.

Appreciate any tips,checklist and pointers to don this OSS Project Manager role?

Praveen Vasudevan
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Beyond the general project management discipline which you can find on PMI, do you have a particular concern you wish to have addressed, Praveen?

Thanks for your reply Stephane
Honestly, I do not have a specific concern as such - However, I would like to know the nitty gritties of a PM BAU which involves being a PM for OSS (Open Source Software) and SDLC procedures.

When you work with software the only think that is hard to manage because is the only industry where you can find it is the "software intagibility". That impacts in all your project management process mainly in areas like time and cost estimation and control. Think about it: if you ask somebody about the progess and she/he said "60%", how she/he has meassure it?.

Best of luck Praveen. While software is a beast in its own right, every organization is different. Go in with flexible mindset, be humble and get to know your team.

One major thing is, if you don't have the technical knowledge, you are going to be at the mercy of someone else's estimations for project timelines and costs. Do your best to absorb as much as you can.

The hard part with software is dealing with defects, before and after going live. Open source does not add much complexity to a software product.

Praveen, looking at your current role, I believe that you would be managing a team with success (communication, stakeholder management, human resource management). So now with project management everything else could be a 'hard' part for you, especially dealing with open source software. The 'hard' part is purely dependent on your expertise in leadership, team management and so on. The PM knowledge will come. There is nothing like a real experience to learn the nitty-gritty part. What we can suggest is probably the challenges that we would have faced, but as Steven mentioned be flexible and humble and the rest you will learn :)

All the best!!!

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