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Dangling Activities
I am trying to set up a schedule for some recurring activities - a quarterly report to be precise. The person I am setting this up for refuses to admit that the delay from one quarter will impact the next deliverable. This is actually true, because a schedule of the deliverables has already been published. But I would still like to show that a delay will have some sort of impact to the schedule. Based on the direction I've gotten, my current schedule has a bunch of activities lacking predecessors and successors, which offends my project planning sensibilities.
Despite what you may think of the validity of having thses acivities in the schedule in the first place, are there any suggestions for how to deal with this situation, or could you point me to any good documents that explain why it's "bad" to have unconstrained activities?
If it is lacking dependencies between tasks/activities, then you can't "show" them how their report will affect the project schedule.

Until you update the plan with predecessors and successors and get approval from the sponsor/stakeholder to accept the new plan, then it is really difficult to move forward.


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