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For a program, Is it OK to have an inception report for each project kicked-off?
In our program, we wrote an inception report for the first kick-off. Now we just kicked-off another project within the same program; Do I just update the program inception report or I write a new inception report for the project?
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In general my understanding of creating a inception report ensures the following - relevance, efficiency, sustainability, impact and effectiveness. Now the question to you is, what would the Program end up being - will it be broken into multiple projects and if so, will all the projects be similar in nature. If the projects are different, then I believe the inception reports could be separate as the data collection methods and the indicators you use could be different.
My suggestion is to use a template and create different reports if you plan to create more projects, if not stick with one and create addendum to it.
Thanks Kiran. The program has several projects that are not necessarily similar but related. And for. Some are software development projects; assessments & fact finding; software development and implementation based on assessment; training etc
At program kick-off there was an inception report. We've just kicked-off another project within the program but within the team there are divided opinion:
1. Update the program's inception report. Don't write a new inception report.
2. Write an inception report for the project. In addition to the program's inception report.
It is similar to managing the program plan. You could have one program plan (master plan) that has linkages (milestones, key activities) to multiple project plan, OR you could have ONE plan, in which you then start to maintain the whole thing which then gets a bit complicated. So it depends on your inception report, how big is it, if it is small one club it if it is not then i would suggest to break it down. Now the definition of BIG or SMALL is upto you and your comfort/ usage level.
As per program mgmt. standard, each project in program is considered as component program. Each component should have an approval to initiate from the governance board.

If you are working in program level, you have to update many documents in order to reflect the impact of initiation of such component projects.

As component authorization needs re planning, many planning documents will undergo update including business case, benefits realization plan, benefits register and so on.
Very useful information. Thanks.

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