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2016 Trends in Project Management
Looking for everyones predictions of project management trends in 2016. What is at the cutting edge of project management?
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What are the New Trends for 2016? the move to Agile, Big Data,.
Expansion of the expectations for excellence in the Project Manager role into business-savvy consultation practices.
- Use of Collaboration and social platforms for PM
- increase of number of PMOs
- shape for excellence in PM
- increase of Agile Methodologies
- More use of Gamification
- More Matrix organizations
- Deeper integration of "design thinking" into project management
Innovative and Creative Project Management
Agile, Big Data, social media platforms for Project Management.
With rise of big data, PM's will need to base decisions on data. So will need analytical skills. With rise of social media will need to sharpen communicating skills plus know-how of social media platform. Managing social media is becoming a new skill these days.With cloud platform teams are getting virtual, so managing team remotely will get altogether different meaning. Agile will make PM more active in knowing technical details to plan iterations more efficiently.
Hi to all.

I am at the beginning of writing a research proposal and searching for a good topic on agile. My belief is also that agile is a trend nowadays therefore I am interesting in this topic. Whilst, still many papers exist on agile, there are a few PhD thesis on agile. I am trying to develop the idea therefore I would like to read some dissertations. Do you know any source place that I could find phd bibliography? Any proposal or idea on agile would be also valuable. Thank you.
1. Agile is here to stay -
the Permanency of Agile Project Management Forward-thinking companies will strike the balance between disciplines and agile methodologies.

2. Broadening Strategic Role of the Project Manager:
Project managers get more engaged in solution recommendations and are evolving from project managers to profit managers.

3. The Fundamentals of Change Management:
Change management is a required skill in any PM's tool box.

4. Mastering Project Complexity:
PM leaders need to possess a solid balance of technical and relational skills for breaking down complexity.

5. Upskilling Talent:
Balance of skills in leadership, strategic management and traditional technical expertise is required to meet the demands of today’s marketplace.

6. The Need for Design Thinkers:
Leading organisations are helping their PMs build a strong knowledge and skill base around design thinking approaches and balancing that with agility and discipline.

7. The Significance of Portfolio and Programme Management (PPM):
Smart organisations recognize the importance of a strong PPM perspective and recognise when misalignment between strategy and project execution occurs.

8. Diversity Matters:
A diverse workforce enhances client engagement and brings new perspectives to the workplace.

9. Co-location, Global Teams and Distributed Work:
Those who know how to coordinate distributed project teams will increase the likelihood for achieving success as well as career advancement.

10. The Spread of Project Management into Non-PM Arenas:
Project management is no longer just for project management professionals. Rather project management is for anyone who does project-based work - which is everyone.

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Feb 11, 2016 11:56 AM
Bruce Gay
Markus - thanks for sharing these insights.

Here is a link to the article that works:
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