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Project Compleixty Management

How do you personally manage complexity in your projects?

Examples of project complexity include:
- Significant internal or external political influences
- unknown product features or resources
- Use of a technology new to the organization
- dynamic project governance
- Highly regulated environments.

Assuming a combination of two or more of these are present in a project you are managing, what processes, techniques and tools do you use to manage?
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With the above mentioned factors, I would say:

Increased Risk Management
Increased Communication Management

At least I personally faced Item 1 & 3. Item 1, enhance communication and conflict resolution and Item 3, enhance risk management and specifically Management Reserves.

Experiment wisely. Launch small probes. If the experiment is working out, then amplify the benefits from that experiment. If it is not working out, dampen the unwanted effects.

Make sure you have all the relevant information.
Make sure you understand clearly what is a stake.
What can go wrong.
Pay attention to eventual opportunities.
Complexity is not a synonym of only bad things.

I think this PMI publication is a good guide:
1 reply by Vincent Guerard
Sep 02, 2016 4:48 PM
Vincent Guerard
Thanks you Sergio
We should always look at PMI publication

Sep 01, 2016 9:10 AM
Replying to Sergio Luis Conte
I think this PMI publication is a good guide:
Thanks you Sergio
We should always look at PMI publication

Excellent risk management, good internal communication and manage stakeholder would be important

In some projects stakeholders engagement is the more complex area where the most important risks come from - very frequent change in position and tolerance.

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