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I need your help to find links to download Templates for the following:

[1] Agile Project Backlog Tracking and Grooming (Prioritization)
[2] Agile Project Dashboard Measures
[3] Agile Project Resources Tracking and Assignment
[4] Agile Deliverables Tracking with Sprints
[5] Project Issues/Defects Analysis (Provided having Issues Severity, Classification, Status, Reported By, Target Release, etc )
[6] Project Testing Cases Analysis over Modules (Provided having Test Cases Classification, Passed, Failed, Blocked, Active)
[7] Project Efforts Analysis from MS Project (Provided having Baseline/Actual efforts for Design, Development and Testing tasks).
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You can find something here

Thank you Mr. Antonio Marino for this support.
It really helped a lot for presenting project details.

In case you find any templates pertinent to subject mentioned, please share with me.
Appreciating your efforts.

I would also like to find some Agile related reporting tools, esp. 2 and 3

I have some templates for both. Can you send a shared link to upload (FTP account for instance)

Ms Liana Baciu, I too would like to see the Agile tools for 2 and 3.

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