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Project Management Proverbs - Best Practices (BP) & Lessons Learned (LL)
Let us share the best practices and lessons learned in Project management for the benefit of new practitioners.

Suggested post title formats:
BP/Knowledge area, LL/Knowledge area, BP/Agile, LL/Agile.

Let us limit each points to one or two lines and make them sound like a proverb. These BP/LL may be from your experience or what your heard or read. Feel free to give a proverbial touch to the points shared by other members. Let us collaborate with our strengths.

Few of my BP/LL samples below.

LL/HR management:
Whenever you assign a task ensure that it is started.

LL/Scope management:
Vague SOW is the mother of scope creep.

BP/HR management:
Begin with team building when building a team.

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Knowledge Management:
Vague aphorisms are no substitute for learned explanation.
LL / HR Management: Always involve your team and coach them properly.
LL /HR Management - Don't micromanage the team else you will not have time to manage the project.
LL/Risk Management - If you don't identify the risks then you and your project will be at risk.
LL/Integration management - A change which seems to be most easy will end up as most complex.
LL/Stakeholder management - if you don't identify the stakeholders properly don't expect the project success.
BP/HR Management: Judge a candidate by the capability and not by communication skills.
BP/Communication Management - Effective and efficient communication lead to project success.
BP/ Project Management ;)
LL/ Always
BP/ Scheduling: Wherever possible , Try to use standard distribution curves for scheduling the activities/ liquidation.
1. Normal distribution
2. Uniform distribution
3. Front loaded distribution
4. Back loaded distribution
5. Double peak distribution
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