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Project ScoreCard
Does anyone have a good model or template for establishing, collecting, measuring and reporting project metrics? I'm looking for a project scorecard to evaluate how well the project went (Time, Cost, Scope, Quality, Team Performance...). I've seen Tim Mochal's - which is about the only one I've found on the Internet.
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I use a simple comparison to the project baselined cost, effort, schedule and scope (i.e., planned versus actual) to determine "success" on the project. Additional measures such as size (for software projects), defects and headcount to normalize the other data.
Hope this helps,
James T. Heires, PMP
James Heires Consulting, Inc.
Home of EZ-Metrix code counting tool.

Dear James, great post and reply. We see a number of folks using three items as part of post closing - how the project went. First, a measurement report in scorecard format just like you described. Next, a continuous improvement document that recommends improvement opportunities based upon documented lessons learned. And finally, a post project audit, typically well after the project to test whether or not the stated benefits that justified the project at time of selection and initiation indeed were realized. Collectively, these three outputs can be very useful in post project analysis, reporting, and review. Hope this helps. -- Mark Perry, VP of Customer Care, BOT International

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