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Scope Discrepancy
I just assigned to handle an enhancement project for a customer. Based on the project initiation form given by marketing team, it has included enhancement for module A, B, & C. Purchase Order has been signed and project officially kick-off by client.

When I crossed check the customer existing product's license, the customer only has module A license. To use module B & C, the customer has to purchase license for each module B & C.

Any idea how to handle this dependency issue and deliver on this enhancement project? Based on the PO, we shall deliver A, B, & C. However, customer does not have B & C license.

Appreciated if you could share you thought.
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From the outset, it seems while signing the PO neither the customer and supplier had verified the licensing requirements. As per my knowledge, we won't be able to work on those modules till we have the licenses. Customer must have to buy those licenses which makes them rightful owner to start an enhancement project for those modules.
Suggest the first action is to talk to the Marketing team to clarify the license of module B & C.
Update the risk register for this license dependency. Show the impact of this risk to management. If they agree for a B & C license purchase, follow the change management process.

Just a simple process oriented approach and this should resolve your problem.
Ah, tripped up on scope validation. I've seen that happen before. I would approach marketing / contracts to clarify and modify the scope before proceeding, and basically incorporate everything the previous posters have said as they all made really great points from different perspectives on the problem.
Thanks all. Appreciated your sharing. I know what to proceed now. :)

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