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Establishing PM Process in Small Entrepreneur Company
I am currently working for a very small entrepreneur company, I was brought in to establish project management framework and SDLC. They currently do not manage scope, quality, cost, or time. There current project dates are always extended and they never implement on time, they also do not care about budget Two months in, I became aware the owner does not want to establish a PM framework or SDLC as he believes they do not work and slows down process.

How can I show him the value of project management and SDLC?
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Find some case studies on internet, on the benefits of project management and show it to your owner.
If you know any experienced project manager ask him/her to explain the benefits of project management to your owner.
you can prepare a presentation on what is that you are going to do using PM framework and what benefits can it bring and show it to your owner.
Start PM practices with one project.

Keep involve everyone including Owner, sooner or later everyone will understand.

As Bala said you can give presentations to team, show them the benefits. People don't accept change immediately you have to made a continuous efforts.
The worst thing you can do is not taking into account the company life cycle where the company is right now. If you are inside the growing phase in the company life cycle forget about to implement project management or something like that. Why? Becuause the company focus is to get money. Remember the main objective of any company in this world: to survive. On the other side, the worst thing you can do is mixing life cycle with discipline. I mean, you can implement project management without a project life cycle. To do that, you have to understand your company architecture by performing an enterprise analysis activity (this is the field of business analysis). But do not worry about the name, take a look to Tom Peter´s Seven S model, understand what each variable in the model means, fille the variables with your current company situation and after that you can decide what to implement or not becuase, I am mentioned, the point in the company life cycle where your company is located ritht now is critical. The strategy variable inside the model is intended to be completed with that.
I had your same problem some years ago when I started to introduce project management in the small company where I work.
I can suggest to show the possible effect to don't have a project management process in the company. For example if you don't manage costs your company works in loss and if your company works in loss it can't survive, or if you don't manage time and quality your customer could not be satisfied and could not work with you the next time and the consequence is always the same: company dies and employees lose its jobs.
After this you should start introducing PM with a small project as Pankaj suggested. In this phase is very important to have the support of your management and at least some of your team (the pioneers) and remember to involve the owner and all your team.
When the first results come in, you should show it to all your team.
Another my suggestion is to introduce few things at a time and make it very simple at least at the beginning because if you change too things and too fast, your team will resistence to the change.

See also the Kotter’s 8-Step Process for Leading Change that it is very useful to understand the change process.

what i do not understand; first you wrote you was brought in to establish a PM framework and/or a SDLC ...
and a few sentences later you wrote ...
the owner do not want to do this, cause he is not convinced ... ?!?!
So what?
However, Sergio is absolutly on point, if you try to implement a PM framework/methodlogy right now it will fail and implode and the owner feels he was right with his assumptions (what is nonsense like we all know).
You has to develope a step-by-step strategy (long-time) to develope the companys maturity.
And first step should be such a analysis like Sergio suggested and than go on from that.

Something else:
Do you know this book:

It has nothing to do with project management or SDLC but it is about motivation, team development and improving results and somehow it came to my mind while reading your post ... just have a look.


I fully agree with Markus and Paolo. And let me say that I followed Paolo strategy in the past and it worked for me.

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