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Did PMP certification pump you up with new level of self-confidence?
Earning the PMP after some controlled and sustained effort I passed the exam. Within a few days I was so motivated about it that I collected 14 PDUs. Also got engaged with other learning challenges actively. At work place and deep inside I have gathered some extra miles of confidence!
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Good for you!

Congratulations to this achievement!
For sure we do gain some extra confidence after reading the words "congratulations, you have passed ... "!
And the next confidence boost comes latest when the original certificate arrives per mail.
And the biggest confidence boost comes, when you do apply your gained knowledge in real life and you do realize ..."Yes, it makes a difference!" ...

So, congratulations again and just keep the momentum going!


Yes it will pump up with new level of confidence and it is happening in my case.
I think PMP is one of the toughest exams and passing it is a big deal and it requires lot of commitment,knowledge to do that.So once you achieve something like this it will definitely boosts your confidence.
Yes, totally agree, Passing PMP gave me a new high, the outlook of looking at things has changed based on the knowledge acquired and now I have knowledge to back the actions I take.
To get confidence is a subjective matters. Most of the time to achieve and objective will help to get confidence. While confidence it is a really important matter for personal life it will depend on the culture how much it will impact in your work and how much you have to find ways to maintain it.
Congrats on your PMP! I'm glad that you felt a boost in confidence and hope that it continues to propel you further in your career!
I was super excited and confident when I got my PMP a long time ago. I have weathered many (many) changes in the re-certification process, and upon each renewal, reflect on how much project management knowledge and practice I continue to accumulate while working in this interesting profession.
Congrats! I also was very excited when I got PMP. In first year I almost got all 60 PDUs :)
Yes, it can pump up. PMP can be a Life changer.

I am doing classes for diverse groups (meaning not from the same company) since 15+ years and regularly 1 or 2 attendees (out of 10-15) that became PMPs quit their job because they cannot stand that mediocrity any more or they spoke up confidently as never before and were not appreciated.

While PMP is good - even better is if you grasp the PMP feeling and understand the PMBoK well. This cannot be accomplished by bootcamps dumping ITTOs in 3 days.
Congratulation !
We all experience the same thing in our life once we achieve something because it empowers our belief about our capability ("I CAN" feelings), makes us self-confident. Especially, external reference empowers beliefs in higher degree. Once belief is empowered we can tap our potential more and more. Your feeling is true. Thanks for sharing your feelings !
Hard work always pays. Achieving PMP credential involves lot of patience, and dedication. It certainly gives moral boost and confidence professionally.
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