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Career After PMP In core industry

It was almost 18 months since I was certified as PMP from PMI. Basically I am an engineering graduate with 7 year if work experience in an engineering construction company doing business in constructing thermal power plants across India. with this project experience I applied for PMP certification and got certified. But till date this PMP certification has no value in my company and I decided to move on to new company. This is where hurdles started. In india mostley IT companies only preferring PMP certification than the core engineering company. Contradictorily I have no experience in IT industry and I could not able stay in my present company due to staggered growth opportunities. I am so passionate about project management career. so what can I do at this juncture to succeed in my professional career?
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Success in your career doesn't depend only on PMP. Being PMP certified is a great thing and it is a certification that reinforces your PM knowledge. Many employers ask for it and when employers doesn't then you should manage the project in a professional manner based on your experience and PMI standards.
I have found engineering companies give little to no value to the project management discipline, let alone a PMP certification.

Every time I see a job opening entitled "Project Manager" from an engineering company, there is no requirement for project management experience or certification, only an engineering degree. ... getting off my soapbox.

Your job search will be difficult. You will have to decide whether project management is your calling. Once you decide that is the way you want to go, you will have to make the hard decisions
a) Are you willing to join another engineering company, then work on your project management journey?
b) Are you willing to start fresh in a new industry - like IT - using your PMP to get a junior project manager position?
I would also suggest to pursue MS/Phd, if possible. With your engg experience and PMP certification a masters will catapult you into new career opportunities. Along with this continue project management study, write blogs, do paper presentation, etc. This will give you exposure to some better opportunities out there.
Sometimes, the job search will not be fruitful. Agree with that point. But, doing PMP will also help in streamlining the thoughts as well. We can use these learnings for ourselves.
Sreeramulu's comment reminded me of something: treat your job search as a project.
What a catch Stephane!!! I did not realize it :)
Success in your career doesn't depend only on PMP - as rightly said by Rami, but PMP does bring Successful projects and that is going to make your career successful.
Now you can switch industry? or Company? or Switch your focus from career to project at hand..!! Prove your metal and success will follow you..!

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