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Sources of Conflict
Hello Everyone,

wondering anyone can help me on this.

When I check what are the priorities for "reasons of conflict", I get the list below (1 is the highest whereas 6 is the lowest) :

1. Schedule
2. Project Priorities
3. Resources
4. Technical Options
5. Cost
6. Personality

But from other source I found another different order. Please assist me with the correct sequence.

Thanks in advance.
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1. Schedule
2. Project Priorities
3. Resources
4. Technical Options
5. Administrative Issues
6. Cost
7. Personality
do you mean schedule causes most of the conflicts and personality the least ?
if that true then I would its not a thumb rule.
different situation have different priorities of conflicts to be resolved first

please correct me if my understanding in wrong
I would like to echo Saurabh here; imho there is no "right" sequence here; it is situational and the priority will change often throughout the project life cycle.

For instance: if you do conduct a complete new project team where none knows each other than there will be a "storming" phase in team building first which may initiate a lot of conflicts based on personality.
Since a schedule doesn't even exist at this point most often, how could it be the main reason for raising conflicts?!?!

Or did i get something completly wrong here?
The source of conflict is inside the Project Stakeholder analysis field. You have not search in other place than stakeholder analysis. Conflict is a subject matter. So, you have to understand that there is a gap between the reality as the stakeholder perceives it and the current reality. You have to work on that.
I find 90% of conflicts can be attributed to flaws in communication; either from failure to provide adequate information, incorrect deciphering/processing and, therefore, wrong interpretations; poor comprehension/understanding, or lack of opportunities to clarify a/o permit feedback.

The sequence would change with each situation as would the risk to the project's successful execution and completion.

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