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Why Did PMI CEO Mark Langley Record An Ethics Video At This Point In Time?
It is wonderful to see that the CEO of PMI, Mark Langley, recorded and released a short video about ethics. Here is a link to it on the PMI website:

But why now? What is going on in PMI, and in the project management profession, that resulted in someone at his level taking the time for this topic?
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Hi Michael, this is very interesting and I just got to know about this video now. Can you pass us the link ? Thanks.
I am also interested in the link, please.
I found this link
2 replies by Luis Branco and Rami Kaibni
Feb 17, 2016 10:17 AM
Rami Kaibni
Thanks Bala, looks like this is the video.
May 28, 2019 10:42 AM
Luis Branco
Thank you for placing the link here to access the video. Unfortunately it was withdrawn. I wonder why?
For me it is not wonderful (I understand your point Michael and I agree). For me is sad that all related to ethic is not analyzed by person who really understand about it. Ethic is a matter of phylosophy. The first thing the PMI has to do is to review the code of ethic and remove all the ambiguity inside the code.
hello everyone, can Sergio explained to me his comment that ethic is not analyzed by a person who really understands it.

Were you referring to Mark Langley? To the writers of the PMI Ethics Code?
Michael, what is your opinion then? If I were a CEO of a company, I might just be promoting Ethics to increase my company's competitive advantage over others by ensuring my staff are ethical.
Rosalinda: if you search about ethic and you read the PMI´s Code of Ethic you will get the answer. I am talking from a scientific point of view, not for a personal point of view. All people around the world can talk about ethic. But when ethic must be analyzed and deliverables at organizational level must be created then subject matter experts must be engaged.
Hi, well it is true that I read it a long time ago, but when I was tested on the Ethics portion, I actually thought that it was clear and very strict.

Thank you for the response.
I thought it might be interesting for me to share that I am the Chair of the PMI Ethics Member Advisory Group. We asked Mark Langley to make the ethics video because of the importance of ethics to the project management profession. Note that the PMI Code of Ethics states "The purpose of this Code is to instill confidence in the project management profession and to help an individual become a better practitioner." It seems to me that the more ethical the individuals in an organization are, the more professional the organization is. Other thoughts?
If there are more ethical people in an organization, the more the organization is professional - yes to a degree, but will it be as robust as others. I think ethical situations tends to be paralytic/time consuming as the decision maker will have to ensure that they cover all the bases in case of reprisals and that means the business might stand still.

Nothing stops the business from moving, ethics, disasters, sign off by approvers, etc. When the 2011 earthquake happened in Japan, did it stop the whole of Japan from continuing to do work/making profits?

If ethics is involved, you cannot move forward (maybe) unless the issue was cleared? If there was no challenged on the ethical behaviour, then easy, better for the person and organization that this person belongs, to.
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