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How to get transitioned to role of Project Manager in Engineering Outsourcing Industry?

I am passionate about PM domain. I am working in Engineering Outsourcing compnay which provides engineering services to major engineering giants and OEM. I want help to get transitioned to pure-play Project Management domain from my current role of Engineering Co-coordinator working at client location.

Please give your thoughts how I can help my self better.

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May I ask if your company is running on project base with your client? It would be an advantage to do so. In that sense, there would be project manager roles and you can pick up the experience from there.
A project manager position in the type of industry you are in - is not given easily and would require years of gradual growth. A typical path is to work on projects in a technical role --> lead role --> technical manager or assistant PM --> PM

An alternate route is for you to step out of engineering and seek roles as estimator, scheduler, planer, cost / schedule control engineer, contract admin, quality manager then move up the ladder.
I totally agree with Mounir .... I come from Civil Engineering background but went through almost all the steps mentioned by Mounir and been working in the Project Management field sonce 12 years now.
If you treat every assignment with measurable objective and have a finishing date for it; it is a project. In your case you take project from engineering firms and acting as a Technical projects manager.
Don't forget volunteer opportunities. Often, you can add project management experience gained through charitable organization to your résumé.

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