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Agile requirements and waterfall development
Was looking for feedback on how you managed a project that had agile requirements and waterfall development.

What are some of key focus areas?
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The first thing to do is understanding what agile really is. Agile is a way to behaive and thnk with focus on deliver value to the client and quality. Then, with this on focus, you can apply anything you need to get that. For example, regarding to requirements, as soon as you have needs you can perfom a prioritization section with your stakeholders before to continue your work to transform needs into requirememtns.
Hi Paul,

What do you mean by Agile requirements? High level requirements that need to be decomposed?

It's certainly an interesting way to start a waterfall development. I hope that it's not fixed price, and that you have identified plenty of buffer. You'll probably need a fair amount to combat any of the extensive rework that will be coming your way.


Darren Kosa
Question is not clear... but may be you are referring to Kanban based development approach , where we do follow the workflow but work can be added any time in queue, unlike water fall kanban work with small batch sizes.

You may want to explore this free program on Kanban :

Sounds to me like you had two projects that used different approaches. The first project was to elicit and capture requirements. The second project was to develop solutions from the requirements.

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