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PMI-RMP® Terms Relay Race !
Inspired by the other Terms Relay Races, I am starting a PMI-RMP® Terms Relay Race!
My PMI-RMP exam is scheduled for June 17 so I look forward to this helping in my study.

>You start from the last letter of the term posted previously.
>In case, more than one terms posted with same letters (concurrently posted), you start with the latest term.
>Only PMI-RMP® Terms in this relay (yes, there are overlapping with PMBoK Guide terms).
>A term may include multiple words.
>Acronyms are fine. please include the expansion before the description.
>Your term needs to be followed by a short description of the term.
>No successive posting of term by the same member. The below one is fine.
member A: --------L
member B: L----- --- ----D
member A: D---- ------ ----
> If you don't get a term starting from a particular letter(last letter of previous term), feel free to start from the next letter. e.g. previous term - buzz, if you don't get a term starting with 'z', you may start with 'a'. (Hoping this rule will be rarely used.:)
>End date of game: No end date. Till the game goes on.

Let the game, and fun, begin!
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Risk -
Combination of the likelihood of occurrence of a specified event and its consequences.
Stress-buster games are good options specially to instigate non-performers. I stretched with offerening online games of balloon shooting, March 2015 till date - long time - yet to work out - Oops!
Known Risks -
These are risks that have been identified and analyzed for risk response plan.
Severity -
Size of a loss.

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