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Project Governance Structure - Document - Appreciate your help

Dear Members, I'm currently working on Project Governance Structure document.

I'm preparing with following heads :
1. Introduction
2. Objectives
3. Stakholders and Roles and Responsibilities.
4. Deliverables
5. Rseponsibility matrix (RACI).

Could you please help me with your inputs what other additional topics i can cover in Project governance structure document ?

If you have any examples / templates could you please help to share as one on one.
Which help me to get an idea.

Appreciate your comments and looking forward for the same.

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I think metrics (KPIs) against which you are going to assess the progress, and best practices, lessons learned which you can keep updating.

You can also add details of the different governance forums based on the structure such as exec steering committee, program management committee, team management committee etc. It will be helpful to have this as a diagram / chart. .

Hi Ranamali, thanks for your idea, yes i had put the what committees we have , nature of the communitee, frequency of meeting, stakeholders etc. Thanks for the input.

Can you please help with any other input ?

Hi Bala,
Regardig KPI Can you please explain me with a example it will be very helpful.

@Members, Pleasse help me with your inputs, it will be timely help. Looking forward your ccomments. If anybody has template or example u can share with me for reference. Thanks again.


recommend you have a look at Section 6 in the PMI Program Mgmt standard. While this is meant to describe Program Governance, many ideas there might apply to your environment.
Program and Project Management in reality are often overlapping (which I do not like).

Some items that you might have subsumed under deliverables are:
- decision authority about changes (CCB), checkpoints (gateways)
- strategic alignment to the organizations governance
- ensurance of funding
- reporting (of what)

You may add Scope of Work after the Objectives.

You may include in addition to what you have listed
1. Definition of terms and phrases.
2. Abbreviations
3. Project governance overview
4. Project governance process eg reporting and frequency
5. Issues and escalation process. Include issue analysis, resolution and closure. if you dont have item 4 as separate, it may be a subsection here. to include tracking
6. Outcomes. You may include key performance indicators as suggested by others above.
7. Signatures of acceptance or review notes.

My suggestion is to start working on the limited information you have and add more information as you go.

Wishing you all the best.

In my case, our governance process where I was one of the autors, is based on this: So, all our process and documentation is based on what we have defined from stage gate method.

Hi Thomas, Sergio, Howard, Brain - Many thanks for your inputs.

@Thomas - sure i will check the PMI Standards of Program managment.

@Howard - Scope of work - if i have many projects how do i mention this ?

@Brian - Thanks for listing, this is what i'm looking for, in your list i have abbrevations, overview, Reporting and frquency. I will add issues and escalations and outcomes and Signatures.

@Sergio - i tried access the url you have mentioned it says "page cannot be found".
could you plesee help ?

Rest of the members if you any template or example for project governance strtucuture u can share with me for reference. Thanks again.

Try this: Take into account you can take this as a basement from any type of solution. On the other side, before I working in the company I am now, I was part of a firm where I create the model that lot of companies adopted. PLEASE I am not trying to sell something, I do not like to do this type of publications, but perhaps this helps to you: (see HOW component)


I suggest that the PMO Governance reflect the topics, format and content of the Project Governance (see PMBOK 2.2.2 ) This will ensure alignment of both Governances and reinforce the organizational structure for responsibilities and communications. I would also suggest personalizing the unique characteristics of the PMO by incorporating a Vision/Mission statement as well as references to books and articles that reinforce the principals, processes and values of the PMO.

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