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Collabaration Tool for knowledge management
Does anyone has a idea over how to implement collaboration tools in project management??

Can anyone give me a idea about if there is something in trend like a Facebook or twitter for knowledge management?
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My PMI book, Collaboration Tools for Project Managers, might help you with the tool selection and implementation. It doesn't talk about individual products but it will help you put together a requirements list so you can evaluate tools against your needs, and then it offers some help on setting them up to get the best out of them. You can get it in the PMI Marketplace (and get a discount as a PMI member) or on Amazon.
Marketplace link is here
As already said collect your requirements, then do a research maybe starting with the recommended tools here in this discussion.
But don't forget data security and privacy requirements. The knowledge shared with any tool is in most cases the property of your company/organization, is confidential or have not to be published, and no one would like to have unauthorized access to this.
We are using BlueKiwi as a collaboration and communication tool and I'm very satisfied by it.
Collaboration does not equate to Knowledge Management.

If you are looking solely for collaboration, the tools mentioned will work.

However, for effective KM, there is a next step of curating information shared through collaboriation into an effective knowledge base. Absolutely, do tools such as Confluence, Yammer, Jive, etc., help to generate conversation and sharing that may not otherwise happen, but on the flip side, it is just not a realistic expectation that all users will take the care to tag, answer, mark as correct, mark as final or outdated for the content within the tool. At that point, search results directly affect the information presented to the user. For effective KM, there needs to be a KM team.
Microsoft Sharepoint is also a good tool, the cost may be a consideration
Many sources are available in real time. But I've been using Apptivo for project management, I think this tool suitable your requirements. Try to check them.
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