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Scrum Team Size?

I was teaching a PMI-ACP course this weekend and one of the students mentioned that the old Ken Schwaber team size of 7 +/- 2 is now 6 +/- 3. I have old Miller "Magic Number 7" reference material ( but I can't find where the 6 +/- 3 is referenced. Does anyone have some background on this change and the rationale/logic behind it?
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Official Scrum Guide is gives official Scrum Development Team Sixe and can be found here : , in fact the PSM exam managed by specifically puts this question in their test and expect 3 to 9 as answer.

Its a Development Team Size so scrum master and PO remains out so when you think of scrum team it is always Dev Team + SM + PO.

Yes, @saket is right.

The scrum guide says that a scrum development team should be at least 3 and up 9.
The CSM (from ScrumAlliance) also expects this as the right answer.

Agree with Elton and Saket. In my experience the recommendation is no more than 9

Scrum team size is six +/- 3 (i.e 3 to 9)

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