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PMO Performance Report Guidelines
I am leading PMO in my organization, Basically PMO was being established without formal or informal charter. It was one man decision (who has left the organization with in 6 months of PMO establishment) and role and sponsorship were not defined properly. Now being leader of PMO , I have been working on value addition and building PMO operation, Internally I am working on training of my team , building up PMO assets and focused on Value addition. I need to present quarterly performance report of PMO operation. I need expert opinion, what should be agenda composition and what should be flow and necessary point should be added. How should i relate the value PMO is adding.
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I suggest you to consider this as a project.So start with project charter,identify your stakeholders,establish the success criteria,have a kick-off meeting and set the roles/responsibilities,prepare the plan and track the progress.
I would suggest to call a meeting of all Project Managers and decide on responsibilities and method of reporting. At the same time you can fix the template and contents of monthly report. Essentially you need to establish the effectiveness of PMO.
Value is a subjective matter that you have to convert into objective once. So you need to perform an stakeholder analysis to determine what value means to your stakeholders in order to survive with the PMO. Communication to your stakeholders is something that you can determine after stakeholder analysis.
I think before you train your team or do anything else - you need to meet and have a heart to heart with the executive team and sponsor to understand their NEEDS and EXPECTATIONS not only their requirements.

What do they want? Why did they establish the PMO? What problem areas they would like the PMO to solve for them? What are they pain points in terms of projects and project management.

Before you go to the meeting be ready with your vision of what you think the PMO should do for the organization.

Once you align the expectations, you can put your strategy and plan for upgrading or re-building the PMO.

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