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PMO project plan template

Does anyone have a PMO Implementation or transformation project plan template that they can share?
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Hi Alyssa,

If I've understood correctly you're interested in a project plan to implement a PMO? My first thought is that this would be an entire roadmap of initiatives rather than a project, and may be suitable to classify as a programme. I would purchase a copy of OPM3, assess where your PMO, Project, Programme and Portfolio capabilities are today, then create a roadmap to get you to the next level.

What an exciting assignment!


Since it is such a customized sequence of steps, I don't know if there can be a useful template out there for you. If you don't want to go the formal OPM3 route right away, I would follow the basic logical progression starting with the end in mind: (1) List out the current issues/problems/risks that the organization is experiencing or forward-looking objectives that the PMO needs to solve. If this list is empty or very short, then perhaps a PMO is not needed (2) Develop the actions that are needed for each. Prioritize the list (if the list is too long and you want to implement in smaller chunks, starting with the biggest bang for buck/effort). (3) Execute away in priority order (4) Rinse and repeat (aka continuous improvement)

Would anyone have a sample road map and project plan for developing and building out a program management office. I’m also interested in sample program management artifact templates (charter, business case, program plan and etc.)


I was simply trying to download what I thought was an integrated template for project plan

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