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March Madness Bracket vs WBS
Does anyone see any similarities between these brackets and a project WBS?

I do...
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I'm sorry George but I don't understand the question.

It sounds like you are referencing the practice of governments to exhaust their budget at fiscal year end. I'm not sure how that equates to a project WBS.
Hi George,

like Stephane i also do not get it, sorry. Could you please elaborate a bit more on what you asking for? Thx a lot.


Hi, googeled it - seems to by a basketball term from the US.
Thanks Thomas- would never have guessed. Lets have a motogp analogy instead, it's much more universal and better to watch too!
Hi George,

Only at the most granular level.

As the tournament progresses, teams are eliminated from the bracket rather than being aggregated. Something that should never happen when representing your hierarchy.


Darren Kosa

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