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MS Project is not available for MACs. What do you recommend?

There are many options out there, including Merlin Project Wizard. With licenses at $199 per user it seems like a good option. I'm looking for feedback to see if it has the capabilities to affectively manage a large project or whether it is just mediocre and will cause an inefficient use of time. Supposedly, someone who uses MS Project is able to view Merlin projects. Has anyone tested this? I would appreciate your advice.
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Hi, if you're still interested I can confirm that Merlin Project works very well indeed especially with regards to planning in terms of time. Larger projects cause almost no additional difficulty, which you can't say about all applications of this kind. Merlin does work with MS Project files, yes. Good luck!

Smartsheet. I love that tool and am an avid user - threw out MS Project years ago! Check it out at

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