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Online Tool for Project Management

I use MS Project, presently 2013, for the life-cycle of project.And looking online tool for the same in order to share within different locations of my company.Idea is to keep everything related to projects in hosted area and anybody from company can visit, review and take action i.e. reporting, email, updates, documents, presentations etc. accordingly. This gives us same and easy approach for all the projects, narrow down challenges down the road, and improve service delivery.
Please share your experience, advice, and help as appropriate.

Regards, Farooq Khan
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I believe you would be looking for a PPM or Collaboration tool. There are a lot of choices and I guess the answer depends on your budget, the level of sophistication required, and the scale that you need to have. I have used Clarity and SharePoint extensively, and they work fine for broad scale implementations... There could be a lot of overhead involved.

These days, there are a lot of cloud tools in the market. This site has a listing of some of the tools ( I would suggest reviewing it, narrowing down choices that fit your need, and then posing a question on these forums regarding users' experiences with your shortlist of tools.
I am looking for a tool too. It will certainly not be Clarity, which I have used in a big organization where project management became more and more over-structured and bureaucratic. The organization I now work for needs something that fits our pragmatic way of working and certainly must not force the project managers into a straitjacket. Any suggestions are welcome.

Wim, I don't have any recommendations at this point, but the one thing I would suggest is that if something became over-structured and bureaucratic, your process may be to blame before your tool. I would suggest reviewing and streamlining your process(es) prior to selecting and implementing a new tool

Someone else posted a link on the response to another question and I wanted to share this, since it may be relevant to you:
1 reply by Farooq Khan
Apr 26, 2016 6:29 AM
Farooq Khan
Thank you Mr. Samuel Vaddi to share good article on given topic.

"must not force the project managers into a straitjacket". I read that to mean, we want to do whatever we want.

If you really are worried about flexibility, then leave it to each project to determine the tool.

If you care about oversight, resource pooling and executive reporting, you may have to decide on removing options to satisfy the organizational goals.

Apr 22, 2016 10:50 AM
Replying to Samuel Vaddi
Someone else posted a link on the response to another question and I wanted to share this, since it may be relevant to you:
Thank you Mr. Samuel Vaddi to share good article on given topic.

Some best online project management tools like Jira, Basecamp, Zoho project. If you are looking to see more options you can view here at

Since your team/organization already uses MS Project, I'd suggest Project Online.

There are lots of options, all just a google search away. If you are specifically looking to move away from MS Project, then why? What is it missing, aside from being web based which is solved with Project Online. What specific needs are you trying to fill, if anything else?

I'd suggest first to collect the tool requirements, which may be elucidated after a proper processes characterization. Upon this, evaluate and assess the options that are out there and which best fit the requirements.

For what you outline in the post, it seems that Project Online is the way to go. Given that no CAPEX is necessary, management may be more keen to grant the purchase. You may cancel the subscription at any time.

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