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Postgraduate Study in Project Management

I have been working as Structural Engineer at oil and gas EPCI company for about 4 years. And now I have a plan to take a postgraduate study.

At this moment I have an opportunity to study subsea engineering and management at Newcastle University. However after I browse several information on the internet, now I'm considering to study construction project management at the University of Manchester.

I have no experience in managing a project, yet in my opinion further study in project management will be a good milestone to jump to the managerial level. On the other hand some of my colleague said that project management can be learned without taking master degree. Furthermore, some said that good managerial skill couldn't be earned in short period of study. It should be gained from long period experience.

Could you please give me some advise whether studying project management would be great decision for my career development?

Appreciate your thoughts on the topic.

Thank you.
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I think that in most cases, the right kind of career experience is more important than academic study.
Akbar - if you want to shift your career from engineering into project management a project management or construction management degree would be quite helpful. Skills and competence you gain on the job but a degree will give you a good foundation, especially from a good university.
Mr. Samuel and Mr. Mounir,
Thank you for sharing your thought.
How about the market value? I browsed several website, until now I haven't seen any vacancy which indicate academic education in project management as requirement.
Maybe because you are looking at the wrong websites --- also many organizations in most industries do not REQUIRE a master degree but if you are an engineer and want to shift to project management how would you do it? Either get your company to move you to project management; if they consider you qualified or pursue a degree

Is a degree required? Most likely NO
Would it help you shift career? YES
Adding to suggestions above, the degree will help you make a shift in career, will definitely add to your knowledge but getting to managerial level, I'm not sure. Here in the field of project management what I have seen that most often relevant experience is required BUT.....BUT the trend is changing and companies are developing themselves requiring even their current experienced employees to earn a certification. I'd say your degree; in addition to career shift; will work as a head-start to get a certification.

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