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Project Manager Succession Planning

A recent study found that only 15% of management in general felt confident in their pipeline of talent. Is it the responsibility of the program or project managers to ensure proper replacements are in the pipeline?
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I think do only replacements should be the solution ?
is creating good talent pool by way of required trainings and motivation should also be a important KPI's for PM's

But anwering to you query, YES its PM's responsibility to ensure proper replacements are in the pipeline.

But from my experience replacing a person with the person does not ensure quality work. some unforeseen factors also impact it. Like understanding people, integrity, work ethics, etc, etc. How can a manager prepare knowledge transfer of that

I think that ensuring proper replacements primarily belongs with the level that the Project Manager reports into (whether Program Manager or PMO or someone else). Project Managers can/should provide input into the process to the extent reasonable

Will the KPI's be tangible?

I'm of the view that not just the project manager, also the program managers should be taking care of the talent in hand and monitor it. As for the difference in quality of work, it is because of the difference in personalities and priorities.

If I'm a project manager and I say that I'm not confident in my pipeline of talent then I need to look into skills, talents, capabilities, short-comings, fears and personalities of the people available to me and should work on to hone their talents for a specific future.

It is a responsibility of both the project manager and the manager of the project management group. By balancing the focus between project specific (the project manager) and enterprise level (future) perspectives (the manager of project management) a pipeline can be developed to meet present and future needs.

Your Human Resource Management Plan should address succession planning, at least within the framework of your scope.

It sounds likes your question is a little broader than project-specific replacements.

@ Stephane The issue is for the entire Project Management Office. There seems to be an issue with integrating HR into the solution for this HUGE issue

The PMO is not much different than projects: it relies on other functions within the organization to deliver results.

The PMO should start building a relationship with HR in order to find solutions to the issue: training, hiring, contracting, transfers, ...

Yes, PM should be responsible for creating succession plan in consultation with HR..

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