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What's the recommended Mock Exams Passing Score before sitting for the PMP Exam?
This trail is assuming that the student has the best quality mock examns available and that results corresponds to first-time results.

And remember, it's a recommendation...
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I took the SimpliLearn course to prepare for the PMP. I believe they recommended that students score 85% on the practice tests before scheduling the PMP (it might have been 80% or 90%, I don't recall).

I consistently scored much lower, and finally took the PMP out of frustration. I scored well and passed on the first time- evidence that the practice tests were harder than the actual PMP exam.
I used RMC FASTrack and PMstudy simulation software when I was studying for my PMP exam.

If you are scoring 85% or above consistently in all knowledge areas, you are ready to sit for the exam.
75-80% is a good ballpark number
1) Make sure you have reliable sources such as RMC Fastrack or PMstudy
2) Score at least 80% consistently in all knowledge areas
3) Schedule your exam
80% would be my recommendation
80% is what I did strived for on the mock exams before I sat for the 4 hour exam. Once I was at 80%, I took the test and passed on the 1st attempt.
I have used Rita's Mock full length tests. Before you actually attempt them, you should have gone through PMP guide and Rita's Guide fully to understand various phases and concepts thoroughly. Give your best shot even on first mock attempt. It's hard to eliminate choices, if you have not gained real time experience. Also keeping your nergies working at best for 4 full hours is also important. This is where mock tests help.
The pass mark from the MOCK exam will depends on the level of preparedness of the candidate. From experience and the approach that works well for me is to have 3 different attempts to mock exams at different times. First one, I can Pre-StudyTest, here you attempt the 2 or 3 free practice exams relying solely on your working experience on Project Management. Thus will help you identify area that requires your focus, so the pass mark here is not very important so anything in the range of 45-55% will be acceptable. Second test will be In-between Study Test and obtaining pass mark in the region of 60-70% will be OK. While the third test is Post-Study Test, obtaining mock exam pass mark in the region of 75-85% shows you are ready to go and you have been able to combine the learnings from the study resources with your PM experience .
Ideally to score minimum 80-85% in all process groups.
I scored avg. 80% in 7 Full length Test. This gave me the confident that I would clear the PMP. Recommended Score above 80% in mock tests.
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