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Recommended study materials for Risk Management

Hi gents,

I want recommendation on a proven study material(s) for Risk management. I will like to know your reason(s) for your recommendation(s). Thanks
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Do you have a specific goal in mind, Adeola? Or are you simply interested in risk management out of curiosity?

Thanks Stephane, I have been managing projects in the renewable energy industry, for mega solar farm projects detailed data gathering is essential at the initiation phase of the project such as solar resource analysis, environmental impact assessment (EIA), government policy etc . some of the gathered data help in risk identification and decision making, unlike some other projects, any unidentified risk could proof fatal and could mean total loss of investment, and being a certified project manager has helped me a lot. It is on this note that I have decided to study extensively Risk management to be more efficient.

In that case, I would suggest suggest a self-paced, online Enterprise Risk Management course. I completed one through University of Toronto last fall, as a prerequisite for my PMI-RMP application.

I found it very interesting and got a much broader appreciation for risk management .

You may want to read Against all Gods, by Peter L. Bernstein.

Online Enterprise Risk Management courses are very good, there is nothing soecific off the top of my head.

Stephane! Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it. Rami thank you too.

Refer to
Passing the Risk Management Professional (PMI-Rmp)(R) Certification Exam the First Time! by Daniel C Yeomans

I advise you to read the 'The Essentials of Risk Management' by Michel Crouhy, Dan Galai, and Robert Mark. This book provides you with a practical, non-ivory tower approach that is necessary to effectively implement a superior risk management program. The authors have extensive practical and theoretical experience in the field of risk management and corporate governance. If you need practical advice in this area, you can read my blog or contact me directly.

Hi Adeola,

if you do consider doing the PMI-RMP certification i would like to recommend you this 5 Step Guide i have conducted with a lot of recommendations (also useful without certification purposes ...).
Hi Everyone,

I would like to obtain some material (s) about Risk Management in Digital Marketing for my Research Proposal.


Adeola -

I would recommend reading the great resources available on Dr. David Hillson's site:

He is one of the most recognized names in project risk management and was one of the core contributors to the recent update to the PMBOK Guide.

You may also want to look through back issues of PM Network and PM Journal from PMI's online site to identify risks specific to your industry.


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