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What's the best or couple of best Project Management Literature you've used to prepare?
What's the best or couple of best Project Management Literature you've used to prepare?

Please answer not in theory but by own vivid experience.
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Fast track app in combination with Markus's input.
I have used PMBOK, RITA, HEAD FIRST, Kim Heldman, Scordo
May 25, 2016 1:26 PM
Replying to George Lewis
Hi - I was trying to find an old PDF of "PMP Prep Sean Whitaker, Aileen Ellis" or something online to see the type of book, but didn't find any.

Has anyone else have used Sean W. and Aileeen E. to prepare, any sample PDF chapter around to test quality.

If it is good I might even suggest it to the students.
Hi George,
Have you taken the PMP exam yet? I'm studying for it too and purchased the latest Aileen Ellis - PMP Exam Simplified 5th Edition (5.1). Not happy about it. It's full of noticeable spelling and grammar mistakes (e.g. wrote "accessing" instead of "assessing" which changes the entire dynamics of the paragraph). In one page - I even noticed an editor's note ("move one line up" beside a sentence). Might as well just re-read the PMBOK guide over and over again because the Aileen Ellis book forces you to read the PMBOK guide anyways to figure out lacking info. or point in most topics. Some of the exam strategies provided in the first 10 pages might be helpful and that's about it. I got the RMC book now (latest Rita Mulcahy PMP exam prep book) - much more comprehensive and very well written and explained. I'm going to invest on the PMFastrack (Rita Mulcahy) to practice on questions before taking the test because I'm so jaded with how we manage projects in the real corporate world vs. how the PMBOK guides it. I'm finding a huge difference. Good luck on your studies.
My key Project Management material is the PMBOK guide 5th edition. Pair that with an online course that aids you in completing each chapter in the PMBOK and you are set. The rest is to practice questions vigorously.
PMBOK + Rita Mulcahy (Book + Fast Track app) provide detailed view for all concepts with enough preparation for certification exam as well.
I used
and Rita Mulcahy's book with Fast track test software

did 2 times reading of each book and 4 tests
I used RMC Project Management material for each and every exam I took (PMP, PMI-RMP, PMI-ACP) and was successful the first time around. The exam simulation software was extremely helpful.
PMBOK,Rita Mulcahy's,Head First and Fast track test software were used extensively by me to prepare for the PMP exam.Lot of online practice tests from various websites were also used by me after going through the books.
PMBOK + Rita
PMBOK and Joseph Philips book
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