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Root cause for delay
While doing the root cause for schedule delays, we figured out certain items, which were delayed because we didn't revise the plan after scope changes. Team though these are medium changes and will not impact the schedule but caused a delay. Now the question arises about potential of change to be considered to revise the plan.
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The root cause seems to be: 'Incorrect analysis of the impact of scope changes on the schedule'.

I didn't understand the last sentence... so not sure if this is what you are looking for.
The question was about the amount of change triggers to revise the plan ?
I don't know that we can set a threshold on the level of change. All changes should be reviewed for potential schedule impacts... now whether the review is formal or informal may be dependent on the PM's discretion
Hi Pravin.

In my understanding, any changes on scope, will impact on the cost + schedule. I believe your company will do have structured for scope change, and approval by certain LOA and only than it can be executed.

What i can see here, potentially the scope change not well evaluated, and did miss certain area of examination. In term of weightage when we should consider to change schedule too, for depending the changes or work packages. If it already have float may not require but if no float, may impact.

It depends on your change management process. The basic is to perform an impact analysis to create all information needed to decide about the change. That is the project manager duty. When you create the information after performing the impact analysis activity then you have the answer.

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