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Participate in the PMO Big Data Analytics Survey
Hello all!

I’m conducting a Big Data Analytics survey and would appreciate your participation. These will be one-on-one 30 minute telephone conversations. The overall goal is to understand the best practices, lessons learned and watch outs associated with gathering, ‘massaging,’ analyzing and presenting large amounts of disparate business information to satisfy the defined needs of executive stakeholders and leaders.

I’m looking for Big Data analysts, executive decision makers and Program/Portfolio Management Organization stakeholders (across any industry but especially those in IT) who work with and/or depend on Big Data, to select and understand the risk, opportunities and progress of their project/initiative investments. Survey results will be an industry view and shared with you as a thank you for your valuable input.

Please contact me to participate or feel free to forward this invite to your network. Thanks for your interest and time!

Best Regards,

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