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PM efforts required for software project delivery as per industry standard. Whether the PM efforts are considered in Business days or Mandays as per industry standard

Dear Members,
what is the standard industrial practice in estimation of the PM efforts required for the software project delivery. If the project is executed in man days with one or more resources in each phase whether the PM effort would be estimated in sale as business days or mandays and what is the PM effort % required for the software project delivery according to the industry practice. Please adivce.
Lalitha S
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I do not know about a standard existence. Project Management efforts are 20%-25% of total project effort. But the assumption on this is that you really are performing project management.

Agree with Sergio, we consider 20% time for project management of total efforts.Some times tough it can go upto 30-35% based on hours invested and reported in timesheet.

Thanks All for your valuable replies

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