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How well PMO fits in an agile world?
How well PMO fits in an agile world? Please share your thoughts?
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Like in Agile we practice servant leadership, so if we have a PMO in Agile setting, it won't be an authoritative one but would be tailored on servant leadership model. It may facilitate Scrum Masters in provision of guidance and mechanism used in Agile Project Management. It can be instrumental in organizing Scrum of Scrum Meetings and play a supportive role facilitating all Scrum Teams do their work better.
I dont think it will hamper much in PMO activities if its agile or waterfall. Because the baseline for PMO to be in supportive role (least) does not change. By supportive I mean guiding, providing recommendations, helping with managing meetings and sheets, etc.
Right now, once again, I am in charge of a hugh initiative where one of the key components is to create an organizational PMO taking into account we are on the middle to implement agile (real agile: no IT, no software, no a method, no a life cycle) in order to gain organizational agility. So, the answer is: there is not anything different than any other type of environment. Unfortunatelly agile becomes a buzzword and some people try to sell concepts like "agile PMO". That is dangerouse for people like my that are working with agile and PMO from years. The PMO is a PMO no matter the environment, the methods, etc etc you will use.
Great inputs. Thank you all.
An adaptation is always needed!
Agile certainly forces some rethinking of the role of a PMO but it doesn’t necessarily make the whole concept of a PMO obsolete and irrelevant, and there are a wide range of strategies an organization can choose for implementing an Agile transformation at an enterprise level and it isn’t necessarily a binary choice between a pure “Waterfall approach from top-to-bottom or a totally “Agile” approach from top-to-bottom. You have to choose the right approach to fit the business rather than attempting to force-fit the business to some kind of “textbook” approach.
The important thing to recognize is that this is not a “one size fits all” decision. What is the right approach for one company may not be the best approach for another.

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