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First thing you wish to do after PMP certification

What is the first thing that you have done or wish to do in your projects immediately after your PMP exam, which otherwise you are not aware or not done earlier? Something like - I started insisting for Project Charter before the project begins.
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I don't remember what thing it was, but I didn't wait until after certification to implement it. From the time I started preparing for the exam, any new material I learnt, I started using it at the first possible opportunity.

The first thing probably was something from the Execution process.

Emphasized more on communication.

I did not wait to receive PMP certification. As soon as I completed the training I started collecting Requirements in detail. I am now looking for projects of larger scales now where I want to improve my skills stakeholder management.

I am currently studying to sit my PMP certification and I find myself improving my projects on a daily basis, as I learn more from the PMBOK. It also helps me learn when I get to immediately put new skills into practise.

I think that PMP accreditation shows a level of aptitude that has been achieved, largely through the course, rather than a sudden increase in your tool-set.

Rest :)


I read somewhere passing the PMP exam is like executing and delivering a project successfully, so celebrate your achievement with team, encourage and motivate them.

never ever a project without a WBS ... never ... ;)

Focusing on doing right things. Keep learning from the past.

Funny you should mention the project charter and the project [management] plan, because that is one of the first things I tackled. Our firm had a document called a project charter which was actually a combined project charter (sort of) and a project management plan (sort of). I pushed to have that document split apart since they are completely different levels of detail, and are produced at completely different times, and exist for completely different purposes.The old document format still survives today, but there is general agreement that it would make sense to split it into two - something I always did on my projects, and something I always taught in the multi-day PM course I taught for that organization,

In any case, the reason for highlighting the project charter and its contents if to focus on the business objectives and goals first, not the technical side of delivering the project. This is, to me, absolutely key.

Communication matrix was improved
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