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How do you earn your SME badge?

"You must become a subject matter expert to earn this badge" is not clear to me.
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"You must become a subject matter expert to earn this badge" that's all is shows as description, but SME could be of anything...

Yes , SME could be of anything like SME of banking, finance management including micro & macro financing; project management - IT or Infrastructure projects; Technical Expertise in different aspects of different technical fields - it could be anything.

I saw an answer from the ProjectManagement staff who mentioned that the badge its an old one. They are currently working on the new requirements to earn it.

Great question - I was confused by the description as well

Good question. I thought we can earn this like NODS from PM University.

SME badge is interesting, just not clear what is require to earn it, if still active.

It would seem a lot of old badge are showing but can't be earn. It could be a good idea to identify those old badge, or a note in the description.

There are only 6 people who have it in all of . I heard it was an old badge that is no longer relevant.

I feel good now, I tried few times to find information about it and failed..

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