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Which universities and colleges offer Ph D in project management in US , UK and Australia.It is unfortunate that most of the universities do not offer such program.What is the best way of motivating

It is unfortunate that most of the universities and colleges do not offer project management as main program.
Moreover, students also are not interested in pursuing project management as primary area of their studies.
What are the possible points for encouraging students, scholars and professionals to pursue Ph D in project management? Some dividends, benefits and its usefulness in professional life.
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Tariq, I am finding more universities are requiring a course(s) in Project Management be taken at the undergraduate level before graduating. Thus, this makes me believe universities are seeing the importance and value of project management for any profession / industry a graduating students decides to pursue.

Is the case, we do not have enough Project Management instructors which causes the believe we need more individuals with Ph.D.s in the area of Project Management? What is driving the need for Project Management Ph.D.s in particular? I am not against the idea, just want to understand the need. What would these professors in Project Management do to stay up to date on the profession? When would they have the time to run projects to continue to get real word experience and see first hand the changes in the profession?


Here is what I found for existing Universities offering Ph.D. programs in Project Management:

Capella University -

North Central University -

Walden University -

The University of Manchester -

Many of the schools I found were online programs; but there seems to be Universities offering such a program. I am a little skeptical of some of these.

Dear Demetrius
Thanks for your valuable input but thats the point which i want to bring home that top universities like Yale , Havard and other Ivy League universities are not offering project management Ph D programs. Moreover, the programs are in very less number in other countries as well so the young students and professionals are more biased towards Engineering Management and Management programs rather than project management . We as community of Project Managers need to take some steps to encourage maximum universities and students to pursue project management and what could be those steps?

Hi Tariq,

I think I have a better understanding and appreciation from you comments. I too noticed after searching, not one Ivy League school is offering a Ph.D program in Project Management.; but one offers a certificate program. Maybe this is an opportunity for PMI Chapters to partner with Universities, including those Top Universities to encourage the need for students to pursue Project Management.

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