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Welcome to the Building the Hybrid PMO Workshop Discussion..!
Dear friends, welcome to this discussion topic. In response to your comments and suggestions about having a place for alumni to interact, exchange ideas, and continue the discussion about the challenges and opportunities we face and ways to best address them, the team put this discussion topic up for us all. For those of you who may be new to the discussion topics, these are great places where you can begin a topic, post to and participate in an existing topic, or just take in the view and read what others have contributed. I encourage you to participate and invite your colleagues to participate. I look forward to participating, offering my perspectives, and having Andy Jordan correct me where I go astray. Cheers.
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I'm thrilled to have this section in place and hope it adds some great discussions to the debates which occur during the workshops. It's a thrill to be part of these events, even though I have to put up with Mark :-)
Hi all,
we (PMO) are trying to manage cascade traditional projects (data center, network infrastructure,...) together with agile (mostly dev.), and building a hybrid PMO could be our way out to make all PM activities start running with no major conflicts - first step :-)
Any reference (book, sites, articles...) you would recommend me to start with?
David, great question. Obviously I am a big fan of the business-driven PMO books and setup approach which is inherently hybrid and that seeks to first establish the leadership team determined, not PMO determined, purpose of the PMO in terms of specific ends to be achieved and then, and only then, the PMO determined business plan, subject to leadership team approval, which provides the means to the ends. Kind of basic, yet apparently kryptonite to most PMO practitioners. By way of books, you might find Adaptive Project Framework by Robert Wysocki a helpful reference. Also, have a look at the various articles both pro and con on Gartner's Bi-Modal IT. If you need a good read for folks new to Agile, Coaching Agile Teams by Lyssa Adkins is very good. Hope this helps and that we hear and learn from others..!
Thanks so much, Mark!
I just got Robert´s. Reading the contents is already a boost!
Adaptive project framework, case studies,...
Great...! Everyone seems to be heading in this direction, hope you can keep us posted on your progress. Good luck..!
Thank you Mark for sharing the references

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