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How many of you have portfolio management in your PMO now?

I spend a lot of time at the workshops talking about the importance of portfolio management as part of the PMO's mandate and I would love to hear how that's going. Do you have portfolio management? Id it under the remit of the PMO? What's working and what are the challenges?

I would also love to hear if there are any specific challenges you would like some guidance / assistance with from myself or others here.
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What we have is Project Portfolio Management, which is not the same than portfolio management. I am in charge of one of the project portfolios related to one of the regions that are part of the company where I am working right now. I am leading (with others) a transformation journey to implement "management by value" and this is our chanllenge today.
As projects based organization we have Project Portfolio Management office where they handle both projects as well as portfolio challenges always there especially for the maturity and the concept of governance within construction environment with rapid changes and variances from baselines.

Construction firm is full of challenges and the governance in construction in newly introduced globally.

I am working to have portfolio management as I believe it is key role of PMOs nowadays.

PMOs are there to facilitate project & program portfolio management processes but rarely have I seen the decision-making authority over investment decisions lying within the PMO itself.

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