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Has Project helped members connect and find jobs through this.
Is there really anyone first hand who got a job through this portal.
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i do not know the answer to your question, but i guess that this isn't the first priority of this site, to offer job opportunitys.
There are other sites like LinkedIn better for this.

Just my 2 Cents ...
I have helped members on their professional career. I am rarely in a position to offer PM-level job opportunities.
Hi Akhil,

While the main purpose of the site, as Markus pointed out, isn't necessarily job opportunities, your network can certainly serve as a source of guidance and mentorship. If you are looking for something more concrete in that area, I would suggest that you visit the Career Development practice area here within the community. There is a link to the PMI Career Central page where you can find a job board.

I hope that helps!
This community definitely helped expanding my network and knowledge in project management. I second Markus opinion that finding job opportunities is not something that you should expect here unless you connect with someone who happens to know of an open vacancy. I met so many people through this community and helped mentor them.

Many people contact me looking for job opportunities in Canada while they do not realize that it is very difficult to find an opportunity here while you reside overseas.
Certainly all previuos comments are right. The objective of Project is not job posting, but the I think the knowledge and networking adquired through the site could definitly help people who want to grow in their profession.
Not for job seeking, no.
This portal is NOT for job seeking.

But you get to connect, expand & share your knowledge/skills.

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