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Do you mind map?

"A Mind Map is a powerful graphic technique which provides a universal key to unlock the potential of the brain". -

You only need a blank sheet of paper, color pens or pencils, your brain and imagination.

Do you mind map?
Have you tried in your exam preparation?
Do you find it useful tool for learning?
How you start making a mind map?
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I sometimes use it in the beginning of projects or ideas to structure my thoughts. Sometimes on paper, more often with one of the software packages available - depending what is at hand.
At our company, we use it often to structure things, projects, ideas.
I didn't try it on exam preparations, since there stuff is structured already. But I know of colleagues who used it.
I usually start with the title of the idea / project / etc. and begin with the first branch, adding more and more stuff and restructuring very often until I'm satisfied with the structure (That's why I use software packages). I just "let flow my thoughts into the mind map".

Yes, mind mapping is a great tool. I did not use for exam preparations, however, use it in my daily tasks for organizing thoughts, ideas, etc. Also can be helpful as discussion points. The visual effect can be helpful for others better understanding your point of view and context. I use free client side tools such as Xmind or Freemind, both of which are OS agnostic There are online tools as well, such as Coggle. There generally are export options as well. The Pro version of Xmind has some great options.

I use mind mapping frequently for brainstorming and problem solving sessions.

Yes, I use it frequently for myself, e.g. for structuring a problem or summarizing a book or a concept for my clients - in 1 page.
With teams, I found it less communicative (you then have to think about bein creative and at the same tie where to put it - that's limiting).
For teams 5 I use 635 method.

My tool is simplemind and I can share between MAC, Windows and Android. The free version is also fine. Used other tools before.

Always i do mind mapping in my project activities
Mind mapping is one of the best method to structure the process, create the innovation and problem solving .

I hadn't much until a colleague turned me onto the MindNode app ( I use it often as a mobile "whiteboard" to map out ideas or possible solutions.

I do most of my mind mapping on paper or white board.

I've tried a few mind mapping applications but I've found each one constraining in one shape or another. I would love to hear of an application that doesn't impede the thinking process for the sake of data entry. (I would love to find one that works with my Surface Pro's stylus.)

I use mind mapping to develop the WBS of the projects. In several apps it is possible to add detail info to the topics of the mind map and export then to MsProject to continue developing the schedule. They are very easy to use and the visual interface allow to understand the scope faster than other methods.

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